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Bring on Pantone's Colors of the year for Spring and Summer 2016!

jewelry clay  custom colors
(Mixing the top fashion colors into CC3 Jewelry Clay)
I am a sucker for Pink, even at 55 years old.  If I did not live in a house full of men, the walls would be covered in it. (Why I love my studio... so girly!)  I still get away with all white, and touches of color here and there that I can update with the season, so no complaints.
I also LOVE weddings (and parties in general) and my entire wedding a hundred years ago I did myself (including the flowers..but that's another story) in the colors Aqua and White.  Unaware that there were color Gods, I choose the color because I loved it and had to drive over 100 miles to find the perfect roll of fabric for bridesmaid dresses.
I spent many years in the textile and clothing industry and created a fair share of custom bridesmaid dresses...  I oddly have a "memory" for color, and could replicate them is on the top 10 color list.
Today for me it's all about jewelry - (it takes up a lot less space, although I still visit my storage lockers of fabric from time to time) and matching those bridesmaid dresses, along with RTW for a daily wardrobe.
This season, if I were planning a wedding, (I am not, I have boys.. who are too young and - hold me back - have been instructed to marry an orphan so in the future I might.) I would  create with Pantone's top colors for spring and summer Lilac Gray and Rose Quartz.
These two colors are warm yet cool a the same time.  They blend and reflect.
Redheads?  Have no fear, Rose Quartz is so subtle that it would look fabulous.  And ladies, stay away from the tanning booth, your natural skin color will be radiant against this color.  Guys will look classy and elegant in the gray.
If you fear wearing Pink, use it as an accent.. like a custom jewelry piece to tie it all together. Created and designed all by YOU.  What could be MORE special?

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