DIY Designer Style Jewelry Kits from our Award Winning Studio. No experiece Needed. Ages 3+
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Adult Coloring Book Jewelry


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Turn your completed Adult Coloring Book creation into a wearable piece of art!  3 easy steps.  You can create it yourself, or have us complete the project for you.

  1. Take a (steady and sharp as you can) cell phone or camera photo of your finished coloring book page.  Have the page as flat as you can.  Don't worry about the border, table it is sitting on, it will cropped.
  2. Purchase the jewelry style on this page at the setting for your coloring book masterpiece.  Select DIY kit - or Create it for me.
  3. Upload your file using the form on this page or email it to us at Be sure to include your order number and name.

That's it!  If you selected the kit, we will send you a jewelry kit with your re-sized coloring book page - sized perfectly for the jewelry you selected, OR if you selected we create it for you, we will ship your jewelry completed. Either selection only takes a few days to arrive at your doorstep.

Great way to show off your mad coloring skills, or perfect for gifts!