DIY Designer Style Jewelry Kits from our Award Winning Studio. No experiece Needed. Ages 3+
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Answers to Frequently asked questions....

I have never made my own jewelry before, it looks complicated.  Can anyone REALLY make the jewelry?

Yes. It really is that simple.  In our studio we have kids as young as 6 years old making custom jewelry for gifts and themselves. Women who think they have no creativity whatsoever (and we believe everyone does) are creating beautiful jewelry pieces, (and coming back again and again to make more!) You can do the same at home.  Just as in the studio, there are no classes, only a few steps and you are creating a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.  The hardest thing is choosing the style, (which you will do from the comfort of your home) and then the colors. Lots of choices!  You get 40 colors of CC3 Jewelry clay in your kit, enough to play and test out several combinations!  The easiest is to match something in your wardrobe or simply choose your favorite colors.  There will be lots of extra clay to experiment with.

How do I cure and finish my jewelry at home?

All Jewelry kits come with everything you need to create and cure your jewelry at home  The only thing you need to have is an oven thermometer to test your oven temperature.  Even though your digital display reads 335 degrees, it may be off. Best to test it each time you cure your jewelry. Every kit comes with a reusable oven pouch so you can cure your jewelry in your home oven.  Simple directions and  it only takes 30 minutes. Complete Directions are included.

O.K. - I am kinda convinced, what if I get everything and change my mind?

Package it back up and return it to us within 14 days.  Always remember - nothing is permanent until it goes in the curing pouch & your oven, so if you are not satisfied with the jewelry or your color mix(s). Return all products to us for a refund.  Clay can be returned in used condition, but the jewelry needs to be returned in new condition and not completed. (In other words, just don't cure it!)

I LOVE the jewelry, but really do not have time to make it myself, how do I order it completed?

Firstly, in only takes about 30 minutes to make your jewelry, some larger statement pieces will take longer of course... and if you want to try  a lot of color combos, you can spend a couple hours! (Like some of my customers... which is more fun with friends so host a party and open some wine!)

But if you are not convinced, and have no time - you can customize your jewelry and we will make it for you in our studio. The prices are a bit higher to cover the studio designers time. Browse and shop under the WE MAKE IT tab and choose a color combo from the swatches. KEEP IN MIND!  The jewelry will be unique and no pieces exactly the same, so it may vary in pattern from the swatch.  For photo jewelry you can order it made within each jewelry selection.

What if I do not like my customized RTW jewelry when it arrives?

Return the jewelry within 14 days for a full refund.  Because the jewelry is handmade - no two pieces will be the same, and the unique pattern the color mix makes will vary. That is what makes it so special. 

How do I take care of my Jewelry?

You will care for the jewelry like any quality jewelry. Our classic jewelry is plated with real silver, gold or rhodium.  Silver will tarnish when not worn, but can easily be restored to the shiny finish with a jewelry cloth.   Because most of the pieces are not solid silver or gold, with extreme wear (like any plated jewelry) they will "unplate".  This pertains to rings and bracelets that rub up against your skin. Jewelry that is plated of nickle free german silver will remain silver forever.  And our signature sustainable style jewelry line is made of 316L the sturdiest and safest jewelry metal on the market.

The jewelry is art jewelry, and not meant to be worn in the pool, bath or while sleeping.  If you wear your jewelry all the time, and in extreme conditions, order jewelry from our Signature line in steel..  These pieces will take the extra wear and tear.  

What is your question?

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